Born 1984, Oslo, Norway

Lives and works in Oslo, Norway


2009- 2011 MA, Oslo National Academy of Visual Arts, Dep. of Visual Art
2006- 2009 BA, Oslo National Academy of Visual Arts, Dep. of Textile Art
2008 Glasgow School of Art, Dep. of Sculpture and Environmental Art
2005-2006 Einar Granum School of Visual Arts 



2017 Cite Internationale des Arts Paris, FR  
2016 CCA, Andratx, Mallorca, ES  
2015 Circolo Scandinavo, Rome, IT                                              



2016 Affections, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, NO
         Channel Units, Haaken Gallery, Oslo, NO
2015 Liquid Territory, Kraft, Bergen, NO
2014 Young Techno, La Confection Ideale, Torcoing, FR
2013 Club Suite, Negativa Moderna, Archer, Florida, US 
         Untitled Art Fair w/ Another Space, Miami, Florida, US
2012 Ivory Tactics, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, NO 
         SO DRY YOU COULDN`T SPIT, Akershus Kunstsenter ( with Camilla Steinum), Lillestrøm, NO 
2011 Warrior Gloss, SOFT gallery, Oslo, NO
2010 Magnetic Fields, Lindholmens Konsthall, Gothenburg, SE



2016 Got It For Cheap, curated by Charlie Roberts
         En Dydig Konne Er Huses Prydels, Oslo Kunsthandel, Oslo, NO 
         Pure Bore Bristles and Nylon Tufts, Podium, Oslo 
         NN-A, NN-A, NN-A, New Norwegian Abstraction, Stavanger Art Museum, Stavanger, NO
         Only Lovers, Le Cour, Paris, FR
         Hengende Hager, Grendland Center of Contemporary Art, Porsgrunn, NO 
2015 Self Storage, Another Space, Copenhagen, DK
         The Studio Chronicles, RH Contemporary, New York, US
         Menneskeberget, Edvard Munchs Studio, Ekely, Oslo, NO, curated by Christian Tony Norum
         If You Have To Ask, You`ll Never Know, Haaken Gallery, Oslo, NO
         NN-A, NN-A, NN-A, New Norwegian Abstraction, Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo, NO
         At First Glance This Division Would Appear To Be More Rational, Format, Oslo, NO
2014 Forever Young, PIASA, Paris, FR, curated by Timothée Chaillou
         Objects in a Room, Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin, DE
         Europe, Europe, Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo, NO
         Panorama, Cultural Center Jönköping, Jönköping, SE
2013 Tusen Tråder, Lillehammer Art Museum, Lillehammer, NO 
         Parabol, F15, Jeløya, Moss, NO 
         Norwegian Sculpture Biennal, Vigeland Museum, Oslo, NO, curated by Helga Marie Nordby
         Vårarbeid i Skjærgården, Munch150, Kragerø, NO 
         24 Spaces, Malmø Konsthall, Malmø, SE, represented by 1857, NO
         Textile Spaces, Another Space, Copenhagen, DK 
         Haugar Vestfold Art Museum, Tønsberg, NO
2012 Syn/ Aesthesia, Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, Summerhall, Edinburgh, UK 
         A Comedy of Errors, The Mutual Charter, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, Glasgow, UK 
         Cold of Winter, Galleri Format, Oslo, NO, curated by Line Halvorsen
2011 NEU/NEW online Festival for Visual Arts, NE
         One Night Stands, WipKonsthall, Stockholm, SE, curated by Line Halvorsen
         Høstutstillingen/ The annual national exhibition for visual arts, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, NO
         MA exhibition, Oslo Academy of Visual Arts, Oslo, NO
         No Fear No Die, Fisk gallery, Bergen, NO
2010 Christian Sublime Tony and Friends, One Night Only, UKS, NO
         Golden Methods, Blunk, Trondheim, NO
         Bleach, Knekt gallery, Oslo, NO
         Thieves in the Temple, Nesoddparken, Nesodden, NO
         Salong 2010, Rod Bianco showroom, Oslo, NO
         SOFT AND WET, ( with Camilla Steinum), nb8, Oslo, NO
2009 Full Moon Party, Freddy Knox Projectspace, Oslo, NO
         Wild Strawberries, ( with M.Brinch, ACN. Høibo C. Steinum), Paviljong Lux, SE
         Total Harmonic Distortion, ( with Camilla Steinum),  Fredensborgvn. 11, Oslo, NO
         Braveheart, Hillheadstreet Projectspace, ( with M.Brinch, ACN. Høibo C. Steinum), Glasgow, UK 
         Everydaylife, Nordenfjelske Museum of Applied Arts, Trondheim, NO 



National Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, NO                                   
KODE, Bergen Museum of Applied Arts, Bergen, NO
Storebrand Art Collection
Aker Solutions
Norwegian Railways ( commission), NO 
St. Hallvard High School ( commission), NO
Akershus Fylkeskommune, NO
Kunst på Arbeidsplassen, NO
Royal Norwegian Embassy, Rome ( commission), IT
Nordenfjelske Museum of Applied Arts, Trondheim, NO 



2016 1-year Working Grant, Norwegian Visual Artists Remuneration Fund
         1-year Grant, Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts 
2015 1-year Working Grant, Norwegian Visual Artists Remuneration Fund
2014 OCA International Support
         2-year Grant, Ingerid, Synnøve and Elias Fegerstens Foundation
         Ingrid Lindback Langaard Foundation
2013 Forsberg and Aulie Grant for Young Painters
         OCA International Support
2012 3-year Working Grant, Government Grants for Artists
2011 Fall Exhibition Prize 2011, The Relief Fund for Visual Artists 
         OCA International Support
         OCA International Support
         Prize for Art and Design students, Oslo Academy of Visual Arts
         MA Prize, Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts, Oslo Academy of Visual Arts
         Art Supply Grant, Government Grant for Artists
2009 Lise and Arnfinn Hejes Fund 
2008 Lise and Arnfinn Hejes Fund